THREAD: Import scene dead?

03/01/2013 at 06:05:pm
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hey, anyone here interested in a space to work on your own cars? we have a shop space all set up with lifts and all the tools you need to fix your own car. 

why pay someone else do to what you can do yourself.
03/01/2013 at 11:19:pm
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Two years ago I went to the only import race event that comes to my local track, the 'Import Face-Off'. This series has a number of heads-up classes, one bracket class, and allow all racers to run a test & tune when eliminated. They also claim to allow any group of eight or more racers to propose a racing class & run it.  My experience at this event was that there are lots of noobs to the sport attending, many were struggling to just get through tech, come unprepared and are borrowing tools, air, etc off of seasoned racers like myself. Worse yet, many don't even know what class to run, much less why.  As I see it, the owner of the series is more interested in heads-up racing,  basically the faster car wins.... or as a better way of saying it: ' the guy with more money  or sponsor backing wins'...  I thought the point was for more people to have fun, that doesn't sound like much fun for anyone but those  with the cash backing. 

Like I said, there is a token 'bracket class' but they do a big disservice  to the community by not teaching new drivers anything about the sport, they have no drivers meeting. The new racers showing up to these events and they are either A) just there to get a timeslip, B) they really want to try drag racing. If all they want is a timeslip, any test & tune will do, but likely they went to this event to be around similar racers and not feel enveloped in a sea of domestics... they also let all racers at this event run T&T after getting eliminated which gets them a few more passes and that's a good thing, at least it brings some fun back into it. However, if the case is they are trying drag racing, chances are they are going to get their butt kicked by a seasoned racer if its thier first time  to the rodeo and nobody shows them the ropes... that's not fun for a new racer, they likely won't know why they got thier butt handed to them, and once again....they may not try sanctioned drag racing again because of it and will likely end up street racing. I'd rather see them attend a racer meeting that goes over the classes and teaches them the basics and basic strategies, so they have a chance against a seasoned racer... so they have fun too.

They also do a big disservice to thier series when a guy like me proposes a race class three months prior to an event that occurs once a year in an area( time needed to get word out) and they shoot it down thinking nobody will show up for the class, and claim 'its just another bracket class anyways'....

So, to sum it up......  Someone new to drag racing is not going to come back if  they just get thier @$$ handed to them and they don't know why,  and not everyone is into just watching the 'who has more money & can go faster' game, which gets boring fast unless you're on one of the teams doing it or can afford it. Racers are there to participate, which is why other classes such as bracket racing were invented.  You drive even more people away by poo-pooing new ideas that woud potentially bring in more people... those people have friends & family,  and they all have money... don't you want to encourage them to come back?

Then again, maybe they just want to favor a select group of racers, and only encourage you to run cars and equipment that might pay the sponsors of the series... if that's the case, It really is about advertising, and not about racers having fun, isn't it?
07/10/2013 at 11:28:am
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If you are new to Drag Racing, I suggest you use a Test & Tune and or Grudge night to get some experience. The track owner probably had the classes set a year before the race and adding a new &unknown class at the last minute would not be feasible.
Good luck with your future race endeavors.
08/13/2013 at 02:16:pm
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I'm not new to drag racing at all. I've been involved fifteen years in various aspects... the promoter of the series that advertises 'make your own class' doesn't want someone to make their own class as a part of his series unless it's strictly a head-up class. So we'll take our ball and play else where.


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