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My rides.

Here's my trio of rides.
First my 1971 Camaro SS 427. I've owned this car since 1973, and raced it a ot the first 16 yrs., then it sat for 10 yrs. idle. In 1999 I began bringing back to street legal trim, and it was completed this year. The 427 has been bored .040", and pistons are TRW forged 9.5:1. Heads are oval port small chamber with lots of porting, roller rockers, and stud girdle. Cam is 284/286 with 533 lift. Intake is a 1st series Edelbrock Torker, with Holley 750. Doug's headers, and 2.5" full length ehaust. Trans is a TH350 with Transgo parts and manual valve body, shifted by a B&M Megashifter. Rearend is 8.5" 10 bolt, with Dutchman axles, 3.56 gears, C clip elininator kit, and Power Trax locker. Lakewood ladder bars to get power to the 13" wide tires. 4 point roll bar and shoulder harnesses.

My toy is my 1946 Austin sedan gasser. I bought the Austin locally about 18 months ago competey stock with flathead 4 cyl. and toploader 4 speed trans. Took it home and stripped all the interior and running gear out. Installed a Speedway straight axle kit that narrowed to 36" kinpin centers. In the rear I narrowed a full sized Pontiac axle and swapped the 2.73 gears to Motive Performance 3.73 gears. Set it up with Comp Engineering ladder bars, and Jaguar coil over shocks. Engine is a 1969 Chevy 327 bored .040", with Trick Flow aluminum heads with 1.6 roller rockers and stud girdles, 292/292 488/488 lift that ends up just over .500" with the 1.6 rockers. Intake is a Holley Pro Dominator tunnel ram, with dual 500 cfm Holleys. Ignition is Pertronix distributor and Flame Thrower coil. Trans is a full manual TH350, with B&M rachet shifter. Interior is old Harwood buckets, with RCI harnesses, and a roll bar.
 Converted the front sheetmetal to tilt, and I'm in the process of getting it ready for it's 1st repaint since it was original paint when I bought it. It will be a dark candy red with lettering redone. This was a rush 6 month build, so now I've torn it back apart to finish it this winter.

Engine video:

Last is my daily driver. My 1969 Chev Suburban with 350/TH400. All new running gear; engine, trans, and rearend. Rear is a 12 bolt posi with 3.73 gears. Power disc brake conversion, and 5 bolt pattern conversion. HD front and rear swaybars. Tinted windows all around in the back. New black carpet and 2000 Durango leather buckets and bench, with driver's electric adjustable seat. Blazer center console. Great cruiser/hauler, and a real comfy drive.

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very clean  (y)
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